ER Plastics BV develops and manufactures a range of durable products for a variety of industries, such as Mats and Transportation Pallets made from recycled plastic waste. The manufacturing process is patented worldwide. Our production facility is situated in Sittard in the province of Limburg in The Netherlands.

ER Plastics BV is a world-class innovation company. Our technological achievements aim to help improve people’s lives by addressing the great challenges of our time – the growing world population, a deterioting environment and the need to use natural resources more efficiently.

ER Plastics BV recycles a variety of plastic waste, but more importantly LPDE waste which is not being recycled until now. ER Plastics BV produces a broad range of environmental friendly products, such as Transportation Pallets, Manhole Covers, Railway Sleepers and of course Mats.

All products are of a very high standard with excellent specifications, produced at low cost and above all sustainable. Our production method reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and energy, which leads to a reduction of the CO2 emission. In addition, the use of our plastic transportation pallets prevents deforestation and the consumption of millions of trees.